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Summer Camp Can Be Fun And Healthy At The Same Time

Nowadays, people especially the parents are getting more concerned about the food that their children eat in school cafeterias and summer camps. There had been some speculations regarding these issue that some of these establishments prioritize the cost and convenience rather than the nutrition these children should have. But that does not mean summer camp are generally the same. As a matter of fact, there are various summer camps that offers the quality food that your child needs which is why these series of blogs is to discuss further summer camp menus. We will be tackling important concerns about this first blog which are the menu compilations and the basic concept of the camp nutrition. On the next blog we will be talking more about the special diet, snacks and methods used on the camp menus.

These summer camps even seek the assistance of a professional nutritionist to select the appropriate food enough for them to be active on the activities. You will be glad to know that these summer camps have a deliberate and meticulously planned meal menu for all the people participating in the camp. You will be even more relieved to know that they have fruit bars and tons of yogurt to serve for breakfast which is the most important meal of the day, and healthy salad bars for lunch and dinner. They also hard boiled eggs, cheese and bagels. They are also aware of some conditions your children might have like commonly lactose intolerance, which is why they prepare some great soy milk for your children. What’s great is that some of these summer camps offer a vegetarian mean.

They are also concentrating more now on giving out special diets as part of their meal plan. They have become more aware that some people need special diets like gluten-free meals. There are more and more choices being offered now because of these factors being considered.

Camp directors put a lot of consideration into these camp menus. It is understandable that children are more active at camps than they are when they are at home. They will be physically active from morning until the evening. Some complaints about summer camp menus are because of too much carbs on their diets, but there is a reason why it is planned in that way. This is particularly because carbohydrates are needed in children who do a lot of physical activities to help product more energy. Even though they serve a large amount of carbohydrates they still ensure a balanced meal by serving fruits and plenty of veggies on the side as well.

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